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HP C5683-03030 DDS-4 Tape drive

Occasional Contributor

HP C5683-03030 DDS-4 Tape drive

I've bought some of the above drive at auction. Can anyone tell me where to find drivers/firmware etc for it ?

The drive appears to be made for IBM since it has a black bezel and IBM part no.s on it (FRU=34L3614, Partno=34L3612).

I want to use the drive under windows 2000 and have had some success with the "generic 4mm" driver from HP, but am getting errors relating to CRC checking.

Many thanks

Eric de Lange_2
Respected Contributor

Re: HP C5683-03030 DDS-4 Tape drive

Hi Dan,

The drive you bought is an OEM drive from HP. This means that IBM bought it from HP in bulk and put their own label on it. Support (if in warranty period) is done by IBM.

The latest fimrware (or microcode as IBM calls it) is to be found at

The generic DDS driver should work fine, just make sure the dip-switches on the DDS drive are set to default (all on 'on' except for switch 3)

The CRC errors (are you using backupExec ?) might be due to some read write problems ? check the NT system eventlog to see if there are any entries for the 4mmdat driver (e.g. event id 7, bad block detected) if so, clean the drive with a cleaning tape.

Also check the SCSI configuration. This drive is a LVD SCSI device and is best used with a LVD SCSI controller (Adaptec 2940U2W or 29160 for example although there are plenty other good LVD cards)

Hope this helps,