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HP C5683A

Mohamed Khalil_1
Occasional Visitor

HP C5683A

After installing the HP C5683A on an HP E800 NetServer with HP NetRaid-1MRaid Controller installed, and while trying to make backup for the first time. Windows 2000 Server backup reported the following error "The device reported an error on a request to read data from media. Error reported: Hardware Failer"
I installed HP Library and Tape Tools (Ver. 2.7 SR3b). When selecting the tape device an error message "An error occured while the diagnostic function was started for the selected device. See the event log for details".
Please Advice.
We take care of details
Vincent Farrugia
Honored Contributor

Re: HP C5683A


On which controller did you install your DDS4 drive?

Tape Drives RULE!!!