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HP Colorado 14GB Tape Backup Problem

Steve Lau
Occasional Visitor

HP Colorado 14GB Tape Backup Problem

My tape backup was working fine with a daily backup routine until I formatted a tape. After that, I have not been able to get it to work. I'm not sure why formatting a tape would affect the program, but somehow it did.

After formatting the tape, I left it in there to automatically back up as it does every night. However, the logs show that when the program tries to run, it detects that the program is already running (which it is not) and it never enters the program to back up.

Even when I manually try to run the program, the opening window will pop up as if it was about to open the program, but then the window goes away and nothing happens. After that, when I try to click the icon to run the program, nothing happens. I tried removing and reinstalling the program, but the same thing keeps happening.

Any ideas?!!