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HP Colorado Backup II v8.0

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Cliff Fales
Occasional Visitor

HP Colorado Backup II v8.0

HP Colorado Backup II v8.0 will not open after installation.

HP Opening Screen starts the disappears and program does not continue to load.

No error messages

I have previously used same software on same system for several years.

I can't think of any change on the system that is different or could have caused it to not function.

I have un-installed and re-installed several times.

Windows does see the drive and appears to be correct.

Device Mgr. Shows

Tape Drives/HP Colorado 8Gbe
working properly

Shuttle PAT External ATAPI adapter
working properly

Ports Printer Port (LPT2)
working properly
no conflict of resources
no IRQ shown I/O range only

Device = HP Colorado 8Gbe external

Port = LPT2

OS = Win98SE

Cliff Fales
Esteemed Contributor

Re: HP Colorado Backup II v8.0


This is just a thought. Can U connect the Colorado to LPT1 and try? If still same problem, Then something wrong with ur driver software of OS. This can confirmed by connecting the drive to one another machine and loading software. If U found that is working there, Then reload the OS in this machine and try...

In case of Microsoft OS, We can't do a healthy research like UNix. We will have to isolate like this only.

Best of luck
Cliff Fales
Occasional Visitor

Re: HP Colorado Backup II v8.0

To Shahul:

I had thought of both of your suggestions --- just had not done them and didn't think I should have to.

Anyway, that solved it.

1) Un-installed Colorado BackUp II

2) Removed printer from LPT1

3) Connected HP Colorado 8GBe tape drive to LPT1

4) Installed HP Colorado Backup II --- It works!

5) Connected HP Colorado 8GBe tape drive to LPT2 --- It works!

6) Connected printer to LPT1 --- Both device work just as they did before.

Many thanks
Cliff Fales