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HP Colorado Tape drive with XP

R Raybould
Occasional Contributor

HP Colorado Tape drive with XP

We have upgraded from Windows 98 to XP and we need updated software and/or drivers for our tape drives but we cannot find any reference to such things on the HP site. Can anyone help?

Andy Jackson_3
Occasional Visitor

Re: HP Colorado Tape drive with XP

I don't think HP support this tape drive any longer. I have attached a W2K driver which may well do the job (it works on my W2K PC ). I would check it on a W2K machine first then try copying the relevant .inf file(s) across. I haven't tried this yet on an XP machine but the method worked with a legacy network card (see for the method). Someone with more knowledge might be able to tell you whether this will work. I realise it's a bit messy but it could be worth a try until a more enlightened soul takes up the challenge!