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Re: HP D2D 2054i - DeDuplication Question

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HP D2D 2054i - DeDuplication Question

I have a 2054i D2D with 1x8 autloader. The D2D supports de-duplication.

I was told by HP technical support that I needed to wait for de-duplication to finish before spooling my backups from disk to physical tape and that this could take several hours.

How can I tell when de-duplication is complete?
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Dave Dewar
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Re: HP D2D 2054i - DeDuplication Question


Its actually the housekeeping process that needs to be given time to clean up the dedup stores. Allowing this process to complete should make sure that there is no conflict of resources that could impact performance when doing tape offload or other operations.

As a general rule, allow 30 minutes for housekeeping for every 100GB of data overwritten on a virtual cartridge.

Housekeeping is designed to be a background task. Currently there is no GUI messaging that provides visibility of this task to the customer. Providing useful GUI information on the status of housekeeping is being inb
vestigated at present for a future software release. I can't give you a date at present.

There is a lot more information in the following "best practices" whitepaper that might be helpful for you.