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HP DAT 160 Driver Conflict in Windows 7.0 Professional

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HP DAT 160 Driver Conflict in Windows 7.0 Professional

‎‎11-25-2014 02:32 PM

I am having a driver conflict with my Windows 7 Professional Operating system. It is the driver periodically crashing the system. It is conflicting with my Novastor 16.5 version of the Professional Backup. I am able to use my RAID1 with two western digital drives and my HP Q1581B USB 3.0 RDX backup system with the Novastor without any conflict. However,  when I boot my Lenovo T520 CTO 4239 laptop with just the tape drive active it cause a memory page fault in a little time after activating. My MEMORY.DMP file link is listed below:!107&authkey=!AHQoKj4keFevQyA&ithint=file%2cmsg


The picture of my screen is at the following link listed below:!111&authkey=!AMucyh8mDeF3-jg&ithint=folder%2c



Please note upgrading to Windows 8.1 Professional in desperation hoping for better driver cooperation with the operating systems. Will receive upgrade in 10 days from 11-25-2014. At that point I will install a new driver for the HP DAT 160 system.