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Re: HP DAT 160 Driver for XP Pro

john wilbye
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HP DAT 160 Driver for XP Pro

I downloaded the driver for the DAT 160

However when Windows XP requests the driver for the new device when I point it to my folder where these files were unzipped
.....\drivers\WinNT\WinXP it says the required files are not on the disk. So where do I find the proper files as in the statement below it says I need the files for XP ASR?

Thanks John

HP StorageWorks DAT 72, DAT 72x6, DAT 160 and Ultrium 460 - Windows Automated System Recovery (ASR) with HP Tape Drives
When restoring your system using ASR and a backup device which does not contain a driver included with the Microsoft Windows operating system, the backup application may not be able to see the backup device. HP tape drives which may encounter this problem are DAT72, DAT72x6, and Ultrium 460 drives since they are newer than the Windows operating system.
In order to perform an ASR restore using these tape drives you will need to install the appropriate tape driver at the beginning of the restore process. The first part of the ASR restore process will therefore be:

Boot system from operating system CD.
At the prompt "F6 to install additional drivers ", press F6 .
At the prompt to initiate ASR, press F2 .
Follow the on-screen instructions from this point on.
You will be asked for the tape driver floppy disk at a later stage of the process and will need to switch between the ASR floppy and the driver floppy a number of times as requested by the screen prompts.

The driver disks can be created by unzipping the driver disk files listed in the table below to a floppy disk. It is important that the files are copied to the floppy disk exactly as they are in the zip file otherwise the driver installation process may fail to find the driver files where it expects to see them.
Drive Tape Driver Changer Driver
DAT160 hpdat_v1.5.2.0_drvdisk.exe N/A
DAT72 hpdat_v1.5.2.0_drvdisk.exe N/A
DAT72x6 hpdat_v1.5.2.0_drvdisk.exe hpdatchg_v1.0.0.1_drvdsk.exe
Ultrium-2 hplto_v1.0.2.0_drvdsk.exe N/A
Double click on the file name to unpack the driver files to a floppy disk.
For details of how to use ASR see Microsoft's documentation at:
NOTE: One or more of the links above will take you outside the Hewlett-Packard Web site. HP does not control and is not responsible for information outside of the HP Web site.
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Re: HP DAT 160 Driver for XP Pro

John, I believe that the problem is this:
You unzipped the files to get the .exe, but
a .exe is not a driver, it's an executable
program. You now need to run the .exe,
and put the resulting files on the floppy
so that Windows can find the drivers.

Let me know if this is what you did already,
and we'll pursue it further.
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