HP DAT 72 life?

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HP DAT 72 life?

I'm using HP StorageWorks DAT 72 USB device to backup my data to five HP DAT 72 tapes using Bacula.


I deployed this sttategy:

* Tapes labels: Tape1: Sunday,..., Tape5: Thursday

* 1 Full Backup on the 5 tapes every 4 weeks.

* 1 Incremental Backup on the 5 tapes every day (Sun-Thu)

* Overrite the tape before every Full backup (each 4 weeks)


I was confused by this specification: 2,000 end to end passes [100 full backups].


How long will my tapes last in my case? What does "end to end pass" mean? What is its relationship with full and incremental backups?