HP DAT72 Help

Abdul Kadir
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HP DAT72 Help

we are using HP DAT72 with 72 GB Tapes, but last month i came to know, that in 72 GB we can store upto 36 GB Data, now our data cross 36 GB....so what the solution for this..bcoz we cant change our all Tapes & Drive.....so can we use any other higher capacity tape in HP DAT72....or any other software is available which can compress the data and store upto 72 GB......Please suggest ......Thanxx
Wei Jung
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Re: HP DAT72 Help

72GB is the capacity you can achieve assuming that the data you are trying to backup is compressible with a 2:1 ratio.
But this depends much on data.

If you are getting no more than 36GB, that seems that the tape drive have hardware compression disabled.
You can enable it with Library and Tape Tools.

Go to http://www.hp.com/support/tapetools

and download the application.
Also what backup application are you using?