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HP DAT72i (C7438A) showing as a CDROM

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Paul J Butler
Occasional Visitor

HP DAT72i (C7438A) showing as a CDROM

Please help,

My HP DAT72i is showing up in Windows 2003 SBS Device manager as a SCSI CDROM.

I have uninstalled and tried to discover device again but everytime it finds it as a SCSI CDROM.

I downloaded the drivers for 2003 from the HP website and tried to update but it says that there is no hardware information,

Any ideas
Jaclyn Rothe
Trusted Contributor

Re: HP DAT72i (C7438A) showing as a CDROM

The wrong drivers were applied (likely Microsoft drivers, on new hardware detection)...

Now you need to delete these wrong drivers from the registry before you will get correct drivers to identify the unit to Windows as a Tape Drive.

Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: HP DAT72i (C7438A) showing as a CDROM

Another cause may be you have the eject button pushed or broken, in fact if you push the eject button during boot process, the SAT will emulate a cdrom that will allow you to start the OBDR process, booting from the tape
Paul J Butler
Occasional Visitor

Re: HP DAT72i (C7438A) showing as a CDROM

Many Thanks Marino,

That was it.....

Shut server down and removed power from Tape Drive for a couple of mins then plugged back in and started versa and it worked....

Thanks again,