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HP DLT 7000

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HP DLT 7000

Hello people,
two quick problems.
1) has anyone ever used an HP DLT 7000 with a Compaq/Dec alpha server before? Is there anyway of knowing if it is at all compatible with the Alpha platform?

2) I have one of these DLT libraries. When it initialises, it gives the message No drive. However, physically I can see the drive in it. Has anyone ever experienced this?

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Re: HP DLT 7000


You should be able to use this drive, I would question the SCSI controller and/or SCSI Cable you are using? Have you checked the termination of the drive?
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Curtis Ballard
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Re: HP DLT 7000

The message "NO DRIVE" sounds like an HP 718 autoloader. The message was further refined in newer models.

That message means that the library controller is unable to communicate with the drive over the library control serial interface (ACI). When that happens the drive is usually dead and has failed it's power on self test.

In some rare cases the drive will still repond over SCSI and you can use HP Library and Tape Tools to pull a support ticket.

In even rarer cases the drive is actually still functional but the ACI port is dead. In that case the drive can't be used by the autoloader but nothing shows up in a support ticket.

I've also run into just a couple of cases where somebody tried to install a standalone drive into an autoloader. In that case the ACI port isn't enabled and there is no way to make it work.