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HP DLT 80 Tape drive Problem

J. Amalarasan
Occasional Visitor

HP DLT 80 Tape drive Problem


Recently we bought a DLT 80 external tape drive. When I am trying to backup, it is not taking full 80GB in the compressed mode. It takes only 54GB and asking for the next tape. I am using veritas Backup exec 8.5 and winnt 4.0 with SP6a. I am using the DLT media that I got along with the tape drive only.

What could be the problem?.

Kurt Beyers.
Honored Contributor

Re: HP DLT 80 Tape drive Problem


The compression ratio depends on the kind of data you've got. The ratio of 2 is a rule of thumb, but that's it.

If it is eg an Oracle database file of 1 GB with only a few records in it, you can compress it huge. But if the database file is completely filled with data, the compression will only be a few percent.

You get 'only' 54 GB of data on a tape, so a compression ratio of 1,35.