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HP Dat/40i Catalog mai after software exit

Erik Fitzin
Occasional Visitor

HP Dat/40i Catalog mai after software exit

When using the adaptec backup software that came w/the tape drive(hp dat 40gig int) / scsi controller - the backup software will backup your selected files/folders.

you can see the backup sets after backing up then choosing restore - BUT if you exit the software, and go back into the adaptec software, and choose restore, there are no backup sets listed, and the software reports the tape as having no bytes written to it.

This was happening on the original hard drive that was installed in the pc, so i pulled a new drive and did a basic win98se install, loading nothing but the 'basics' - to rule out any software conflict that may have been introduced.

*I did not even load the video drivers/thats how basic i have left it.

(on the original hard drive before swapping this am )- I used the HP software that came with the tape drive to test, it claims the drive is functioning correctly in all aspects.

I also verified the drive was working correctly using this test (w/the org hdd+new swap this am - both had same results )

Run a backup of files/folders - let the backup run, verify and tell you it's done. Minimize the backup software, go and delete the files that were just backed up, expty the recycle bin - the go back to the software and restore - all files are restored and are usable.

Anyone seen this one???

Eric de Lange_2
Respected Contributor

Re: HP Dat/40i Catalog mai after software exit

Hello Erik,

As far as I am aware the HP DAT40 models come with Tapeware backup software. If you are using Adaptec software, from which CD did this come ? Did your drive come bundled with an Adaptec controller perhaps ?

Personally I have not seen this type of issue with the DAT40 and Tapeware.

hope this helps,

Erik Fitzin
Occasional Visitor

Re: HP Dat/40i Catalog mai after software exit

Hi Cal,
Yes, the Adaptec software came w/the scsi card.

Interesting - If you load and run the Colorado Backup software that comes with the 5 gig tape drive, all works fine...

The Tapeware software did not seem to work correctly when I installed ( would not allow network drive backups ) that is why I opted to use the alt software ( Adaptec )