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HP Data Protektor Express 4.0 (BB117BA)

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HP Data Protektor Express 4.0 (BB117BA)

Hallo Kollegen,
in einer Domäne ist das Programm auf einem
Windows Server 2003 installiert.
Ich möchte nun Daten von einem Laufwerk eines
weiteren Daten-Servers in der Domäne sichern.
Die GUI zeigt mir lediglich die Laufwerke
des mit der Backup-Sotware ausgestatteten
Rechners an.
Benötige ich zusätzlich den Network Agent
(BB121BA) um auch Laufwerke von weiteren
Rechnern in der Domäne sichern zu können?
Gruß Harald Müller
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Re: HP Data Protektor Express 4.0 (BB117BA)

Hi hamuwibe,

Could you please re-post your question in English? This will help everybody in the Forum understand the query and allow them to participate as well.


PS: Please continue to post here by clicking on the "Reply" button.
thomas rush
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Re: HP Data Protektor Express 4.0 (BB117BA)

Hello, Harald.

I believe you are asking if you need to add the network agent, and the answer is, "Yes."

Which says,
" HP Data Protector Express 4.0 SP1 Network Server Agent (BB121BA, BB122BA)

This enables you to add an additional server-class machine to the Data Protector Express Storage Domain. Once added, the protection of that machine is centrally managed, backup and recovery is possible over the network or to a shared backup device or to a local backup device. The network Server Agent also enables that machine to host a backup device (act as a media server) for local or network backup. One Network Server Backup Agent is required for each machine added to the Storage Domain. Available in a single pack (BB121BA) and three pack (BB122BA)."