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Re: HP EML 71e Inoperative - Failure during initializaion

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HP EML 71e Inoperative - Failure during initializaion



After a power outage library fails. Command View TL  alert log contains the following errors:


1) Disabling Secure Manager Feature because a management path could not be found for the following devices: ROBOT HU88051003; DRIVE HU10740CLW; DRIVE HU10740CLR; DRIVE HU10740CRM; DRIVE HU10739LER
2) Secure Manager inoperative - One or more interface controller device map(s) are out of synchronization with the access control settings. Please run the "Synchronize" action available on the Secure Manager page.
3) IFM drive event and the Library state is unknown.
4) Robot initialization  failed
5) IfmInitThread:Failure to Initialize...reason==Robot initialization failed - GOING INOP
6) Director - initResponse() Initialize: failed init of reach and grip.; scanUserFirmwareCheck(): Version OK, scanVersion=*E1022 RS TTL SXX_302E CPU 1.1*; End of Text


How to solve the problem?

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Re: HP EML 71e Inoperative - Failure during initializaion

Consider to ask hp support for help. This could be difficult to troubleshoot. Maybe a component is damaged.

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Re: HP EML 71e Inoperative - Failure during initializaion

The problem was solved reinstalling all the boards of the library.
After switching the initialization was successful.