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Re: HP ESL G3 Mib / oid available?

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HP ESL G3 Mib / oid available?

Hi there,


we have two ESL G3 running and I'd like to monitor them, which we didn't do yet.

I can't find any MIB or OIDs for some SNMP monitoring online.

Any advice where to find it?


Re: HP ESL G3 Mib / oid available?

Hello, Support for the NetCitizen SNMP MIB in HP StorageWorks Tape Libraries This document provides technical details about a Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Management Information Base (MIB) supported by many HP StorageWorks Tape Libraries. The MIB described in this document is known as the NetCitizen MIB, the SEMI 1.0 MIB, or the HP HTTP Manageable MIB. Tape libraries that support the NetCitizen MIB also support the standard MIB-II MIB and some support the HP Trap Destination MIB. Tape libraries that support one or more of these MIBs include: • ESL 9000 series libraries, with an Interface Manager card installed • ESL E-Series libraries • EML E-Series libraries • MSL 5000 and 6000 series libraries, with firmware 4.23 or greater • VLS 6000 series virtual libraries The NetCitizen MIB is pre-installed in many HP management applications, including System Insight Manager, and is primarily intended for LAN-based device discovery and alerts. Other applications may allow the MIB to be installed to decode traps received from supported storage devices. You should use applications like Command View and System Insight Manager to monitor, configure, and maintain your LAN-connected storage devices. The NetCitizen MIB described in this document defines SNMP-readable fields and SNMP events or traps. The hpHttpMgDeviceTable contains the fields of greatest interest and the hpHttpMgTraps tree defines generic traps. Other fields are not guaranteed to be supported. Most fields are read-only. Fields listed as read-write may be changeable only by HP applications such as Command View for Tape Libraries or System Insight Manager. These fields may not be accessible directly through general SNMP query tools. --( hpHttpMgNetCitizen (deprecated) So all MIBs are available under "HPE Systems Insight Manager - Download HPE SIM 7.6 for MS Windows" Once downloaded... you can find the mibs.. under folder … upd11.30mib You can compile the mib. Hope this will work. Regards Ashis
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