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HP External Tape 6250 - No compresssion

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HP External Tape 6250 - No compresssion



I am trying to implement an HP 6250 External Tape drive for a client of mine. The goal is to backup video files from a physical security camera system.


The tapes are reporting that they can store 2.5TB natively with 6.25 compressed. The tape drive and the tapes are LTO-6 and support compression.


The problem is that when we run the backup job (either through windows or the yosemite backup software) we are getting no compression. We have selected "Software Compression" for one test, and "Hardware Compression" for other tests and we still get the same result (we never select the two at the same time).


Can someone please advise ?


In the logs we also get this message "HP Ultrium 6-SCSI (Serial Number HUJ4371N8M) : The media has been altered to represent a media of reduced capacity".

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Re: HP External Tape 6250 - No compresssion

>> they can store 2.5TB natively with 6.25 compressed


The native capacity counts, everything else depends on the data you store.


I think whatever video format you have, it is already very much compressed, so you can store up to 2.5TB (only).



Try to zip a zip file again - it will be larger than before - same here.

Hope this helps!

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