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HP Internal 8GB Colorado Backup II and Win2000

Richard M. Bremer
Occasional Visitor

HP Internal 8GB Colorado Backup II and Win2000

I just upgraded (not really an "upgrade"; it was a fresh install after re-formatting my hard drive) my OS from Win98 to Win2000, after backing up my hard drive with HP Colorado II. My Colorado Backup II software wouldn't load on Win2000. I went to the HP website and downloaded the 9.0 .exe file and that seemed to install O.K. (i.e., no error messages), but no ICON on desktop, etc.

I then tried the Backup Wizard in Win2000, and it sees the drive and recognizes the tape with my pre-Win2000 backup, but I can't select the tape or drill down into the file folders for the restore operation. I get a "nothing selected for restore" type of message on the restore attempt.

I took a fresh tape and took a backup of my new Win2000 system, which completed fine, and then attempted to restore from the new backup. I could drill down into the file folders.

Does anyone have any idea why I can't restore from my Win98 backup tape with the Win2000 Backup Wizard? Might it be that my file system is now NTFS, while that on the Win98 backup tape is FAT32? Or might it be a compression issue, where I backed up my hard drive (using the HP backup software) with one compression ratio and the Win2000 Backup Wizard defaults to, or expects, a different compression ratio on the tape?