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HP L&TT Software

Andreas Palm
Occasional Visitor

HP L&TT Software

Hi there,
wow am I delighted, after so many clicks I finally can post my question :) Yeah.

So we do have a customer that has the Sure Storetape Library 1/8 with an Ultrium drive.
Now he wanted to update the firmware. He claims that he couldn't find the firmware on the HP website (said its to confusing to find). Now he tried to use the web retrieval in the L&TT software. However they do have a webproxy that requires authentication. It seems as if L&TT is not capable to deal with such a situation. I saw the error that claims the IE settings should be correct. They are correct, web browsing is possible.
Now I wonder is it really possible that there is no way to configure L&TT to get over a webproxy that requires a username & password ?

best regards
andreas palm
Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: HP L&TT Software

LTT gets firmware files from here
You can download them by yourself and copy into LTT 'firmware' subdirectory to allo LTT to find them
Jan Klier
Respected Contributor

Re: HP L&TT Software


This is an interesting problem and the first time that we encountered this.

L&TT does not perform any specific configuration for the proxy settings, and simply uses the INet API from Windows. This API benefits from any global settings for Internet access.

I just checked on my system, and when going under tools and connection settings in IE, there is no place to configure username and password settings for a proxy server, either which may explain your experience.

As we've never had an environment with such requirements, we'll have to do some research. If you send an e-mail to we can take this dicussion off-line.

Are you using the standard IE browser to connect to the internet, or do you use custom software?

L&TT Team