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Re: HP LTO C7973A NX--

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HP LTO C7973A NX--

Media: C7973A

Library:MSL G3 Series


Since we have the new HP LTO tapes our backups fail.
The new tapes have a bar code NXxxxxL3, but the product number is the same: C7973A as our old Tapes.

We use Symantec Backup Exec 2010 R3.
Once we use the new tapes for the backup the job rate is up to 50 MB / m.

The backup job is not finished and stops at 600 MB or less.

The library gives an error: Media attention

With the old tapes that have a barcode WOxxxxL3 will be fine.


Our library has the latest firmware. 5.40

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Re: HP LTO C7973A NX--

Looks like a Hardware problem to me test your tape drive first then test the medias using LTT if they are bad HP will replace them.

Pablo Alv Siles