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Re: HP LTO Ultrium 5 Drive - pass-through

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HP LTO Ultrium 5 Drive - pass-through

Dear All,

Does anyone know if it's possible to pass-through HP LTO Ultrium 5 SAS Drive from the Hyper-V host Windows Server 2016 to VM running on Windows Server 2019.

I know that there is software like StarWind that do the tape redirection with the ISCi but I was wondering if this can be done without installing any additional software.




Re: HP LTO Ultrium 5 Drive - pass-through

The Tape drive supported product matrix can be found at this site.

Then look in the directory on the second page for Hewlett Packard Enterprise - StoreEver - Virtual Machine Support.

It has a list of the softwasre supporting VM.

I work for HPE

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Re: HP LTO Ultrium 5 Drive - pass-through

Hi ColetteH,

Thanks for the feedback.

I've looked on the link you shared and if I'm not mistaken there is no way to see the external HP LTO-5 Tape drive in the Virtual Machine.



Passing through devices to Hyper-V VMs by using discrete device assignment, not sure if with Dicrete Device Assigment I can pass the tape drive to the VM.