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HP LTO4 drive / Solaris 9 / FC

Regular Advisor

HP LTO4 drive / Solaris 9 / FC

Hi Folks,

We have the following scenario:

- SunFire v490 server
- HP DAT 72 tape, SCSI
- HP LTO4 tape, FC (via qlogic HBA)
- Solaris 9 + updated patches
- Data Protector 6

We need some help regarding the FC tape configuration.

"cfgadm -al" shows the FC tape as:

c4::500110a0008a18eb tape connected configured unknown

and "ls -l shows" :

1 root root 68 Jan 31 14:16 /dev/rmt/1 -> ../../devices/pci@8,600000/SUNW,qlc@1/fp@0,0/st@w500110a0008a18eb,0:

Wich is the tape's WWN. But when the tape drive status is invoked via "mt -f /dev/rmt/1 status" , it shows

/dev/rmt/1: No such device or address

- - - - - -

Also devbra -dev shows no devices.

What are we missing here?

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance,