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Re: HP LTT Tape Erase always fails with write error

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HP LTT Tape Erase always fails with write error

Hello !


When ever I perform a tape erase (quick or long) with the HP Library & Tape Tools it fails with a write error. I have had this happen with several tapes in a row. The tapes do not have their write protected tab switched on.

We have an HP 1/8 G2 Autoloader with an Ultrium 4-SCSI tape drive. The firmware is up to date and both the autoloader and the tape drive pass their self tests. I have restarted the autoloader and the Windows server and re-installed the drivers (Symantec halfinch.sys).


The tape erase operation always ends with write errors, E.g.:

    Analysis Results
    - Erase Failed
    - Sense Key 0x03, Sense Code 0x0c00 (Write error)

I've received several error emails from the tape unit  similar to the following:

    12.10.30 17:08:59.18  Attention: Drive Warn or Crit Tape Alert flag
                Event Code:   0x84 - tape alert
                Element number:   0x06, 6
                Drive number:   0x01, 1
                Tape Alert Flag:   0x14, 20

I've also received tape alert flags  0x03, 3 and 0x04, 4 and 0x06, 6.


Does anyone know how I can find out what these codes mean?


The procedure I'm using for the LTT tape erase is as follows, perhaps I am doing something wrong here? Does anyone know?


  1. Start LTT and connect to the HP 1/8 G2.
  2. Select Front Pannel and move a tape from an occupied slot to Drive 1.
  3. Select Utility > Drive 1, then select Tape Erase from the Utility Group drop-down.
  4. Set the test options: Overwrite = Yes, Type = Full.
  5. Click Start.


Any help appreciated, thanks.

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Re: HP LTT Tape Erase always fails with write error

The Ultrium tape drive has stopped reading all LTO3 and LTO4 tapes now which means the original problem was the hardware itself.