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HP LTT command line functionality

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HP LTT command line functionality

When running HP library and tape tools from the command line, output is written to the toolactivity log but nothing is written to the terminal while the test is running. This is on a system with Win2000 SP4 (32bit) and HP LTT v4.13 installed.


Is there a way to write the output to the terminal like in the screenshots in the manual?

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Re: HP LTT command line functionality

Well... it seems there is a user manual to get you through o the problem.


I'm also facing a problem with HP_ltt tool

I need to find the command line installation of HP_LTT for windows server 2003.

I've already tried the installation through the general options like /v/qn and  /S.

But the options are not working.

It would be great if anyone can help regarding this...

Your quick response will be appreciated.



Thanks in advance