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Re: HP ML350G5 servers-Backup Software

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HP ML350G5 servers-Backup Software

Backup Solution.
The company has 5 HP ML350G5 servers. From 3 of them is goung to be done backups on one of the servers which will have instaled ultrium 448 AG723BM. Also it will be need backup for oracle server (one of the servers).

Do i need only TC330A Data protector express 5.0 on the servers + B6965BAE HP DP On-line Backup for Windows E-LTU? or On the oracle server i need to install B6961BAE HP Data Prot Stater Pack Windows E-LTU?

What combination of backup software do i need if any one can help?

Thank you.



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Re: HP ML350G5 servers-Backup Software

According to your case, you need Windows Server backup software as well as database backup software. I guess you not only need to back up data in those servers, but only have to make backups for the oraclE. Therefore, I would recommend you to try a software which can do Windows Server and also database backup. In this way, you can only bought one kind of software but also protect data security.