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HP-MSL-6030 Errors

Sandip Barot
Occasional Contributor

HP-MSL-6030 Errors

Hello all,

I have one problem in HP-MSL-6030 Library.
Since last few days following errors are appearing in the event viewer.

EventViewer-Application Log
TLD(0) going to down state, status: Time out waiting for robotic command. Source:Netbackup TLD Daemon

Request for media ID QJH541 is being rejected because it is not in the robotic device.
Source : NetBackup Device Manager

Event Viewer-System Log

1. The device \Device\Scsi\symmpi1, did not respond within time out period
Source: symmpi

Although the in Veritas Netbackup software the it is showing successful data backup.

David Ruska
Honored Contributor

Re: HP-MSL-6030 Errors

Are there any fault codes (FSC) in the front panel of the library?

Can you install and run HP Libary & Tape Tools (

The journey IS the reward.
Sandip Barot
Occasional Contributor

Re: HP-MSL-6030 Errors

No there are no fault codes appear on Library front panel. Also all tests regarding HP Tape and Library tools run fine without any error.