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[HP MSL2024+DPX]How can I backup plan like this?

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[HP MSL2024+DPX]How can I backup plan like this?

first  sorry for my Xtreme poor english:smileysad:


[HP MSL2024+DPX]

i want to make a FULL backup each day  

assume there are three LTO4 tapes

start from the first tape

like this:  Tape-1[Day1->Day2->Day3->....]  --> Full --> Tape-2[Day50->Day51->Day.....]->Tape3[.....]

the point    when  tape3  is  full  , i want it back to tape1,then  overwrite  day1  as  day.....assuming  Day101

day2 --overwrite--> day102     day3-->day103   ......

how to set dpx like below....?


btw...WHAT is the " Append to first media, overwrite others" in write mode            i have no idea