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HP MSL2024 - Slow backup bandwidth

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HP MSL2024 - Slow backup bandwidth



I recently installed an HP StoreOnce 4700 Backup and I'm using Veeam. I have a little problem though which I couldn't find a solution yet. 
Veeam didn't quite gave me an aswer so I hope you can help me here!

The exact problem is : When I'm trying to perform a Full backup job from the StoreOnce to the MSL2024 the bandwidth appears to be limited averagely to 70Mb/s which is not normal. It's supposed to be arround 200Mb/s

(see screenshot below)

Did any of you already experienced a problem like that? 
Or did anybody has an answer or an element of answer about that kind of problem?

Thanks a lot! 
I'll be available anytime for any specifications.