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Re: HP MSL2024 firmware upgrade

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HP MSL2024 firmware upgrade

In our company we have tape library "HP MSL2024 1 LTO-4 Ultrium 1840 Fibre Channel Tape Library" and it has some problems with newer versions of Symantec backup exec thats why I want to upgrade library and drive firmwares.
I have upgraded library firmware to 5.70, but when wanted to upgrade drive firmware it poped up this error
Error During Firmware Upgrade:NR:drive full!
How Can I solve this problem, I couldn't find solution in Internet.

Thankx in advance

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Re: HP MSL2024 firmware upgrade

Not sure how you did this.


You have 3 options:


1) use LTT


2) use the web panel of the library to install the correct *.frm file


3) put the *.frm file on an USB stick, connect it to the library, use the fron tpanel to update

Hope this helps!

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Re: HP MSL2024 firmware upgrade



i have the same problem too on our Library HP MSL2024 1 to upgrade the drive firmare (from Z58W to Z65W). It showed me the same error message if i try to upgrade the firmware for the drive.  I tried all three ways... LTT, web panel and with an USB stick directly at the library.


The library firmware upgrade was successful. I only have the problem with the drive


Does anyone have a solution?



Sincerely yours

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Re: HP MSL2024 firmware upgrade

I know that with the LTO-6 drives, they have different firmware packages for SAS vs FC. Did you read the release notes on the firmware update to make sure you're installing the correct firmware package?


You'll notice inside of the firmware update package, that there are sometimes multiple packages for a single type of drive. Some are for the connection type, others are for specific update paths (since you may need to upgrade to a certian version before going to the latest).


Keep in mind the document isn't included with the firmware update package, but rather in the "Release Notes" on the HP download website.

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Re: HP MSL2024 firmware upgrade

For anyone looking at this post in the future, this error means there is a tape in the drive.


You need to move the tape to a slot in the library prior to running the firmware upgrade. The drive needs to be empty.