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Re: HP MSL4048/AJ042A LTO-4 Tape drive

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HP MSL4048/AJ042A LTO-4 Tape drive

Hi All,

I have recently aquired a MSL4048 Tape Library, but the second tape drive in the machine seems to have failed.

It is reporting a "TapeAlert 31".


I have tried to reach out to HP support, but it appears since this machine doesn't have an active warranty, I can't even get a quote/estimate for a repair.


Is there any options to have the drive serviced, or is it a throw away and replace module?


Model: PD098-20103

P/N: AJ042A

S/N: HUE1019ED5

Neal Howard

Re: HP MSL4048/AJ042A LTO-4 Tape drive

Probably have to go to one of the aftermarket/used/refurb storage vendors to buy a used or refurb replacement drive. shows to have a refurb AJ042A drive in stock for $950.


Might be worth calling them to see if your failed drive has any trade-in core value.