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HP MSL4048 Firmware upgrade trouble


HP MSL4048 Firmware upgrade trouble

Good day!

I have HP MSL4048 library with two Ultrium 6 FC drives.

Today I downloaded firmware bundle and starting firmware upgrade with HP LTT.

I stopped all DPM services.

First I upgrade library fw. From 8.60 to 8.70. It's OK

Then I started upgrade of Drives from 23GW to 253W. After some time LTT showed FAILED state and closed.

In System Events there is events about FC link down.

On WEBUI I see that:

1. Library status: Drive FW Upgrade

2. All drives in Upgrade status.

On detailed Drive status information page I see that Port A of Drive 1 trying to negotiate link and Port A on Drive 2 connected.

In Device manager I see no Changers or Drives.... For five hours of "upgrading".

What can I do with this situation?
Can this situation cause Library fail?
If I reboot library physically will it fail?



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Re: HP MSL4048 Firmware upgrade trouble

This happened to me when I used LTT with these family of libraries. Since this time I use the web frontend only.


Since you cannot change anything now, your only choice is to reboot the library. Better check the status again from the web frontend now. Usually the firmware update is done but LTT is still waiting for the result or timed out.




Hope this helps!

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Re: HP MSL4048 Firmware upgrade trouble

If the issue persists after library reboot, it is suggested to upgrade the tape drives via USB or FUT method.


Refer to the upgrade procedure below:


Hope this helps!!