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HP Omni Back & DLT 8000 4/40 Tape Library - help me

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HP Omni Back & DLT 8000 4/40 Tape Library - help me

Hi experts,
I'm using Omniback and DLT8000 4/40 Tape Library for backup and my version of HP-UX is B.11.00.

Please help me answering the questions below :

1. The omnibackup session logs are keep growing. How do i purge the logs older than one month, for example ?

2. When i try to restore a single file from tape to any server other than the source from where it was copied, what happens if the exact directory is not there in the destination ? ie i've a backup of /bkup/apps/report/abc.txt from Server A and try to restore it in Server B while Server B don't have the directory /bkup/apps/report.

3. In my Omniback configuration, i've set the tape's life span as 250 cycles (default). what happens if the tape has been used 250 times ?? If the tape's condition is set as poor, how do i replace the tape with a new one ??

4. Can i add new tape to the media pool using the same tape label that of old one ? Will omni recognise this as a new tape or the same old tape ? How do i initialise a new tape to the mediapool ??

5. The tape which finished its life span, as 3 above, contains some valid backup. How do i move those valid data into the new tape ??

6. My tape is filled up to 90% of its volume and it is going to be filled up in another two days (expected). I want to add more tape to the media and make it as the default for the backup specification. For this do i need to assign new label to the tape or use the same label that of old one ?? In case i want to restore data from the old backup after some time, how do i achieve this ??

7. Where are the omni catalog stored ? How do i backup the omni catalog ? In case the backup server crashed and i restored from ignite backup and re-installed Omniback, how do i restore the catalog so that all the tapes in tape library remain valid ??

Plese help me understanding the above.
Thanks in advance.

best regards
Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: HP Omni Back & DLT 8000 4/40 Tape Library - help me

please move this question to Omniback/Management software section of ITRC forum.

please review DLT tapes FAQ at and you'll find some answers there