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HP OmniBack II Mount Request.

Manikandan k
Occasional Advisor

HP OmniBack II Mount Request.

I am facing this problem very often. We have HP-UX 11i with OmniBack II version A.03.10.
In the middle of backup i am getting mail from the server as following. Because of this all of my server snapshot filesystems are not getting unmounted and backup fails daily. I do n't know out of 20 tapes which tape i have to mount? even if i mount also backup fails simply. How to automate this mounting?.

You are the owner of the OmniBack II session that is now in a mount
request state. In order for the session to proceeed, please
insert/load the following medium: (If the names are empty, then any)

POOL: "Default DLT" WITH POLICY: App+Loose

into device:

HOST: ccsboise
DRIVE/SLOT: /dev/dlt_1

Then confirm the mount request. This can be done with the command
omnimnt with the session key R-2002/06/08-2 or the GUI xomnimonitor.

This mail has been sent by the script /opt/omni/lbin/,
run by HP OmniBack II.
Leif Halvarsson_2
Honored Contributor

Re: HP OmniBack II Mount Request.


If you move this to the OmniBack forum you get more replies.

If I understand you right you have a library with 20 tapes. The media pool is set to appendable and allocation policy to lose. In this case OmniBack should load any media from the respository when needed as long as there is a media with space left. There must be somthing wrong whith the configuration,
OmniBacks information about the media in the library or the media. For example:

- Media from wrong pool in the library.
- Respository is not updated.
- All medias are full (and write protected).
- Bad media.

If you give a better description of your backup enviroment you can get better answeres.

OmniBack 3.1 is rater old. it will be discontinued August 1 2002. You should consider upgrading.