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HP SCSI/FC bridge with STK 10/588 DLT7000

Occasional Contributor

HP SCSI/FC bridge with STK 10/588 DLT7000

I want several N-class (HP-UX 11.x) servers to share a HP badged STK SCSI 10/588 DLT7000 tape library, with Omniback 3.5.

I already have a Brocade 2800 switch.

What is missing is a SCSI/FC bridge.

HP sells 2 such bridges: an older 4/2 bridge and new model 4/1 bridge. Which one should I buy?

The above SAN will be for backup traffic only, i.e at this stage we are not mixing disk and tape traffic. The N-class servers have the latest FC cards etc.

Your comments are appreciated. TIA.

Dave Wherry
Esteemed Contributor

Re: HP SCSI/FC bridge with STK 10/588 DLT7000

I believe you will have to do some combination. The HP recomendation/supported environment with DLT7000 drives is to have one drive per SCSI interface. So the 4/2 bridge would allow you to have 4 tape drives connected to the bridge and 2 hosts on the FC side or 2 connections to your Brocade. You would need a second bridge to connect the rest of your tape drives.