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HP SDLT 320 w/ Proliant ML370 Rackmount Server

Steve Sherlock
Occasional Visitor

HP SDLT 320 w/ Proliant ML370 Rackmount Server

Hi all,

I'm having trouble getting a new Proliant ML370 rackmount server to recognise a new HP StorageWorks SDLT 320 tape backup drive.

I've installed the appropriate drivers, then powered on the device and attached it to the external (onboard) SCSI interface but my OS won't detect it (even when forced to scan for hardware changes).

Am I doing something wrong, or have I got a dud drive/server?

Also, last night when I first tried to install the backup drive it killed the OS - it started rebooting shortly before the login screen was displayed. I had to reinstall to solve this, but it looks like it's happening again (windows is taking a while to boot here!).

I'm running Windows 2003 server with exchange and ms sql.


Rodney Malbon
Occasional Contributor

Re: HP SDLT 320 w/ Proliant ML370 Rackmount Server

Hi Steve,

I had similar trouble with a DL380 and an autoloader SSL 1016. I found that the onboard SCSI interface was not connecting properly with interface on the tape unit. It required an new SCSI card that was 64 bit. I cannot find details on the SCSI card.

Hope this helps,
Steve Sherlock
Occasional Visitor

Re: HP SDLT 320 w/ Proliant ML370 Rackmount Server

Thanks for the advice :)

After two sleepless nights I managed to figure out what our problem was, and I really could kick myself.

I'd pulled out all the cables and I was just about to start swearing at the SCSI cable when I noticed that one of the pins was recessed and bent - not what you expect from a brand new cable, but there you go. I took the connector apart, reseated the pin as it should be and booted up - voila, one working server and backup drive. Seems to be booting quite nicely now too...

Hope this helps someone else in need one day!