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HP SDLT320 Spitting Out Tape & HP Tool Error

Lee Harding
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HP SDLT320 Spitting Out Tape & HP Tool Error

Hi All,

We have a HP SDLT320 that has started to spit out tapes after about 5seconds of being inserted into the drive. It seems like if we reboot the server it will be fine for a few days then the same symptoms will re-appear, I downloaded the HP Storgeworks tools, completed a scan and got the following error message:

Condition Over Temperature

Ive updated the firmware to the latest version V095 also.

Can anyone help me with this?


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Re: HP SDLT320 Spitting Out Tape & HP Tool Error

It sounds like the drive is getting too hot. Are you able to verify that the fan on the drive enclosure is still operating? It might be worthwhile to remove the drive from its enclosure (or from the server) and use canned air to blow out any dust (if you do this, please block the fan blades so that they are not spun by the canned air).

If you can, use Library and Tape Tools to generate a support ticket and post here or call HP support.
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