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HP SSL 1016 not seen by Windows

david yu_1
Occasional Visitor

HP SSL 1016 not seen by Windows

I have a Windows 2000 sp3 server on a ProLiant 5500 with an SSL 1016 DLT attached. Windows sees the drive but not the library, it was working at one time but the robotic library kept going off line. I did a removal of BE 9.0 and tried to re-install. I also looked at Device Manager and deleted the hidden devices SCSI Changer and Unknown Medium Changer. Was that a mistake? Windows only sees the DLT drive and not the changer, I've tried re-installing BackupExec 9 to see if it will load the library drivers but doesn't. I've even downloaded and started up the HP Library and Tape Tools, that sees the DLT drive but not the library.

Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated, thanks.