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HP SSL1016 (Ultrium460) cartridge stuck


HP SSL1016 (Ultrium460) cartridge stuck

A box labeled C7978A (cleaning tape) wasnt really conatained the issued cartridge but this cartridge was inserted and successfully determined as a cleaning tape. (the color of cartridge was not orange as I remember)
But when I tried to eject the tape - I was given '6E' error that is not described in manual. The web interfase gave me: "Picker does not accept media' or smth like that. Can I mannualy eject tape from drive without using picker (by dismounting whole unit, or forcing picker to pick that tape, etc)
Please help....
System: RedHat4AS
Device: HP SSL1016 Tape Library
last entry in /var/log/messages is
'Additional sense: Logical unit not ready, initializing cmd. required''

Re: HP SSL1016 (Ultrium460) cartridge stuck

HP SSL1016 drive unit can be manually extracted from device. Its hold by 4 screws on the back. Inside there is a power supply, some circuits on bottom an the main is traditional drive with front panel. By the right hand (front view) on the drive there is a gear that is a part of ejection mechanism. Manually rotating this gear you can easily eject the cartridge from the slot (parhaps you should push a cartridge by hand a little up or down). As there are no warranty labels on the drive unit and it's replacment is described in manual I suppose our operation would not touch the warranty.
Solution "AS IS" :)