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Re: HP- Storage works Ultrium232

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HP- Storage works Ultrium232

Sorry for bother,

I have a small problem which I believe that you will help me in short we have server which run Microsoft windows Server 2003 which is HP Proliant ML 150, SN: 2UX71604KL, which we put the Internal Tape Drive HP- Storage works Ultrium232 SN: 712KTN.

We have manage to do buck up the all year up to October 26/ 09 up today when I tray to do buck up Tape Reject its self,

I decide to Have an empty tape ready and do a complete test on the tape drive by using HP Storage Works Library and Tape Tools",

Now I got this Report

|__ Test 'LTO Drive Assessment test' started on device 'HP Ultrium 1-SCSI' at address '4/0.4.0'
|__ This test will overwrite all the data on this tape. Would you like to continue the test?
|__ Failed
|__ Operations Log
| |__ executing LTO Drive Assessment Test...
| |__ checking tape load ...
| |__ analyzing device data...
| |__ updating device writeback data...
| |__
| |__ erasing ...
| |__ soft unload ...
| |__ loading ...
| |__ writing wrap 4 ...
| |__ soft unload ...
| |__ loading ...
| |__ erasing ...
| |__ Test failed
|__ Analysis Results
|__ LTO Drive Assessment Test, version V14.01.2008
|__ Test run: Fri Oct 30 17:13:21 2009
|__ Drive serial number: HU10712KTN
|__ Data Cartridge Information:
|__ Vendor: Unknown
|__ Format: Unknown
|__ Serial Number: Unknown
|__ Barcode: Unknown
|__ Device Analysis has checked the historical information and no problems were found.
|__ [Please note: the operations performed by this overwrite test will NOT be
|__ reflected in the Support Ticket usage/health information.]
|__ Amount of data required’ test option : Default
|__ There was a problem reading device data.
|__ Iteration number: 1 of 1
|__ Overall Margin: Warning (0 KB written)
|__ The LTO Drive Assessment Test has checked the history and/or operation of the selected drive, and
|__ problems have been reported.
|__ The drive is no longer recommended for use.
|__ Please contact hp support for further assistance.
|__ Test time: 1:21
Marino Meloni_1
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Re: HP- Storage works Ultrium232

it seems the test fails, but there are some prerequisite before to run the test:

1 use a brand new tape, (and you did it)
2 run a couple of cleaning cycle with a not expired cleaning tape
3 Be sure the fw of the drive is up to date

If the assessement test still fails, then probably it is time to replace the drive