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HP StorageWorks 1/8 VS80 - Cannot detect autoloader, only the drive

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HP StorageWorks 1/8 VS80 - Cannot detect autoloader, only the drive

Hi, i have a problem with a new HP StorageWorks AutoLoader 1/8 VS80. It is connected to an Adaptec 29160 SCSI adapter and I think it is properly terminated.

The SCSI ID is the default one, 5 and it is the only SCSI device connected to the SCSI HBA.

However, none of the software can detect the presence of the autoloader, and the system is able to detect the tape drive itself only. In LT&T, there is a error message in show details as follows:

Checking for redundant devices.
Redunant device listing. Device PHD5E02976 listed with paths 2/0.5.0 and 2/0.5.1.
Removing redundant device at path 2/0.5.0.

I perceive that 5.1 should be detected as autoloader, while 5.0 should be detected as the drive itself. But it is not. Now, 5.1 is detected as a standalone drive. I can't upgrade firmware nor do anything using LT&T. The same thing happens with Data Protector. It can't find the robotic library and can only detect the drive as a standalone drive.

I've already enabled the MultiLUN settings in the SCSI bios setup screen. Also, I can make successful backups (read/writes no problem) using the standalone drive - as such, I suppose that the cables are OK. The computer just can't detect the autoloader.

Can anyone share some lights on this issue? Thanks!
David Ruska
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Re: HP StorageWorks 1/8 VS80 - Cannot detect autoloader, only the drive


What operating system are you running this on?

Do both devices show up during boot on the SCSI adapter?

Can you post the EventLog.ltt file from the LTT logs folder?

You are correct - the drive should appear as LUN zero of the selected SCSI ID, and the autoloader should show up as LUN 1.

I think the drive and autoloader have identical inquiry strings (i.e. "HP C9264CB-VS80"), but they will report as different device types (i.e. tape verses media changer), and therefore it is stange that LTT sees redundant paths to the same device.

I would suspect a SCSI cabling issue (and the LUN information is getting lost), but you say backups work fine to the drive. Very odd.
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Re: HP StorageWorks 1/8 VS80 - Cannot detect autoloader, only the drive

Hi, David,

Thanks for your reply. I am using Windows XP Professional. When I enable MultiLUN, the SCSI adapter detects 9 (Nine!) LUN devices (from 0 to 9) during BIOS boot! Very odd. I suspect it is a firmware problem. Anyway, out of despair, I tried changing the SCSI ID from 5 to 4 just as a test, and it was still the same. I am attaching the latest Event Log for your diagnosis.

If it is a firmware problem, can I make myself a firmware update cartridge myself and try to reload the firmware to see if it works better?

So far, the backup/restore still works OK (I tried to backup 4GB of data and try to restore it afterwards to a different folder, no issues so far). The major headache is that I need to manually load the cartridge using the front panel instead of automatic changer.