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HP StorageWorks 1U Rack-Mount Kit

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HP StorageWorks 1U Rack-Mount Kit

If I use the HP StorageWorks 1U Rack-Mount Kit, and I want this external device to host two (2) separate tapes, I have the following questions:

1) In order to use the compressed mode, do I have to config/set it up (i.e., tell it to do the compression), or it will do the compression automatically?

2) Where to get Veritas Back Up Exec, Tapeware, and Arcserve (downloadable?)? When use any one of them, does it matter which brand (external backup equipment) to use? (I mean, will it support all of the brands DAT, Ultrium, etc?)

3) If I'll use the 1U Rack-Mount Kit and I want it to host two tape drives, one for DAT 72 and another for Ultrium 215, do I need the dual channel Ultra320 SCSI adapter or the single channel Ultra320 SCSI, to be installed on the rack-mount kit?

Thanks to help.

Jaclyn Rothe
Trusted Contributor

Re: HP StorageWorks 1U Rack-Mount Kit

Please see my full responses to this in the other thread.

1)drives elf compress, you have to turn off software compression...

2)if you go to, you can get back up exec.
if you go to you can get tapeware
if you go to
you can get brightstor arcserve.

3) Yes you need a different channel or pci scsi card for each tape back up device, daisychaining is never recommended.
Again, I do not advise an ultra 320 card...