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HP StorageWorks DAT 72i on a fast wide scsi 2 bus...

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HP StorageWorks DAT 72i on a fast wide scsi 2 bus...

The drive has the HD68 connector, which makes it an Ultra wide SCSI-3/Ultra2 LVD SCSI/Wide Differential SCSI (I think !!). I need to connect this drive to an old Proliant 1500 which uses IDC50 cable connectors on Fast Wide SCSI 2 bus. Is it possible ? I tried to use an adapter (PTA-101A) and the BIOS is recognizing the drive (after I updated the ROM) but no luck with Arcserve 6.1 EE running on Netware 3.12 (up to date). Here is the error message:

Apr-15 14:41:51 SCSI Board Driver is ready
Apr-15 14:41:54
Apr-15 14:41:55 CA Pre Flight Check (Build 252.000 10/10/01)
Apr-15 14:41:55 Version 7.00 November 15, 2001
Apr-15 14:41:56 Option [IncludeNCFFiles] is DISABLED
Apr-15 14:41:56 PFC: Checking server configuration, Please wait ...
Apr-15 14:41:57 1 host adapter(s) found
Apr-15 14:41:58 ARCserve server has valid job queue and queue user
Apr-15 14:41:59 SCSI I/O Error occurred on adapter 0 [BOARD0]
Apr-15 14:41:59 E21114 SCSI bus scan is incomplete for adapter [BOARD0]
Apr-15 14:42:00 E21111 No backup device found on host Adapter [BOARD0]
Apr-15 14:42:05 PFC: E21104 Check the SCSI hardware
Apr-15 14:42:06 PFC: Information is saved to file SYS:\ARCSERVE.6\NLM\PFC.ERR
Apr-15 14:42:06 PFC.NLM reported a critical error. No more modules will be loaded.

I know it is an odd combination of old/new hardware/software but I would really like to see it working.

Any help or suggestion appreciated.
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Re: HP StorageWorks DAT 72i on a fast wide scsi 2 bus...