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HP StorageWorks MSL6000

Hi All,

I have an issue which backup server unable to detect tape library. May I know fiber cable able to connect directly from backup server to tape library or required SAN switch to get connected?

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Re: HP StorageWorks MSL6000


if you have an NSR which would be next to the library controller that should have a fibre connection, but would need to be configured, then again if you have one then you'd probably be using it.

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Re: HP StorageWorks MSL6000

You probably need to adjust the fibre settings within the NSR, example is showing a fabric connection to a switch, would be "loop" on a direct connection.


                       Fibre Channel Configuration Menu
                    5.6.69  P08FZZ  262673-002_
                              08/10/2005  04:46:29

Current Fibre Channel Configuration - Port 0

    FC Link Status         : UP/FABRIC   
    Node Name              : 0x100000E0
    Port Name              : 0x100000E0
    Port Mode              : N_Port Mode
    Discovery Mode         : Manual Discovery Only
    Buffered Tape Writes   : Enabled, Queue Depth = 5
    Current Default Map    : 'Indexed'
    Port Speed             : 2 GigaBit

1) Change World Wide Name High       2) Change World Wide Name Low

3) Toggle Port Mode                  4) Change ALPA Value

5) Toggle Discovery Mode             6) Toggle Buffered Tape Writes

7) Change Buffered Tape Queue Depth  8) Change Default Map Value

9) Edit FC Override Settings

A) Toggle Port Speed

X) Return to previous menu

Hope this helps!

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