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HP Storagework 1/8 920 / hyper-v issue

Marcus Van Wyk
Occasional Contributor

HP Storagework 1/8 920 / hyper-v issue

Hi Team.

Can someone tell me why the following would happen.

We have a HP server with Hyper-V (Windows 2008 Ent Edition R2) connected to this server is a HP Storageworks 1/8 autoloader and Symantec backup exec 12.5.

For some strange reason I get "unknown error" where running backups within Symantec.

The above error only seems to happen with large backup / smaller backup like 2GB work 100%

Another thing i have noticed is that if i shut down both the server and the autoloader and boot both of them up at the same time my Virtual servers don’t start up.

If i only boot the server, then the virtual servers boot up 100%.

Are there any known issue with regards to Hyper-V and Symantec Backup Exec 12.5 or the HP P800 Controller (3B1513-B1) or the HP Single CH U320 SCSI Adapter?

Your assistance and comments would be greatly appreciated.