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Re: HP Storageworks 1/8, cycle jammed

Ville Sala
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HP Storageworks 1/8, cycle jammed

Our client bring us HP AA927A 1/8 Autoloader Ultrium 460 200/400 8-SLT.
It gives error, and we can´t eject tape. Error is A0, which means "Movement to mailslot failed".

Autoloader says, that there is no tape inside. We opened it, and there is a tape inside. We need to get that tape away, there is important data inside. Is there any way to get the tape out safe? We think that there is some servos broken and autoloader doesn´t have any warranty left. So it may stay broken, as long as we are able to get tape out safe.

I appreciate, if somebody could assist us.

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Re: HP Storageworks 1/8, cycle jammed

Hello, Ville. I'm not sure *where* the tape is. Is it in the robot/picker, or in the tape drive itself?

I guess I don't think it's in the robot or picker, because you said you looked inside the unit... but... if it is in fact there, you can usually gently turn the picker and pull the tape out.

If the tape is stuck in the drive, here's a complete "how to" that ends with describing the manual unload process:

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yves veillot
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Re: HP Storageworks 1/8, cycle jammed

i have same problem error A0 and get manualy cartrige from picker.
You can take off every carrier tab from the rubber belt.
see user guide c00411112.pdf p56.

my warranty is left and i'm searching the process to repair my ultrium.

does someone know an addresse to repair in France ??

thank's in advance.

Ville Sala
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Re: HP Storageworks 1/8, cycle jammed

Thank you guys for help. Tape was inside of tapedrive.

I dismantle whole package, and took tapedrive itself out from robot. I connected tapedrive to normal PC, only by molex. I press eject and tape came out perfectly. Our client was pleased, and important backups were rescued.
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Re: HP Storageworks 1/8, cycle jammed

The unit probably needs the sensors replacing on the loader mech, it is a common fault and can be fixed.