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HP Storageworks 1/8 vs80 autoloader

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HP Storageworks 1/8 vs80 autoloader

Yo, i have recently attached the HP C9264CB-VS80 auto loader to a new server running win2k. I am using arcserve 9 as backup software. i have managed to import my arcserve database, from my old server and tape. I can merge an old tape from my old DLT backup machine, I can restore from this tape(all DLT iv)if i have run a merge on it, but I cannot backup up to the tape. i cannot erase it, as wjen i select this option, it does not see any media, and in device group config, it shows me an empty slot...i have re inventoried, i can see the tapes under devices, it does read the information about the tape and the mb written, time used etc, but it cannot find any media when trying to backup to it. i also have an error on my device manager at the server, that says, driver not installed..any steps would be welcome. i guess i need a driver, but if the driver is not there, i should not be able to see anything, let alone restore and merge? help please
dont reboot a mail server 10 minutes before the week end!
Vincent Farrugia
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Re: HP Storageworks 1/8 vs80 autoloader


The tape drive used with the old server... what was it?

Tape Drives RULE!!!