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HP Storagezorks DLT 40/80 randomly offline

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HP Storagezorks DLT 40/80 randomly offline

i'm running HP Storagezorks DLT 40/80 with Arcserve backup 2000 Workgroup ed on a HP ML 350 G3 server with windows 2000 sp4.

all went well until six months ago when i started noticing that some backups failed and the tape offline.

i get two errors
1- in events viewer.
event id=11 ; src=adpu160m; desc= the driver detected a controler error on \device\scsi\adpu160m2

2- in arcserve log
E6300 windows nt scsi port error ( absl:3060 CMD:0h) command retry

zhen i receive this error, i found that if i stop the server and restart itm the tape drive become on line and i can run some backups before it zent offline again.