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HP Streamer DDS, tape does not exit

H. Soeren Helms
Occasional Visitor

HP Streamer DDS, tape does not exit


i've got a problem in my nw4 server. the tape device (2years old) does noct exiting my tape.

arcserve tells me "no tape in device" after switching the exit button on device. no light will work after unfinished exiting.

does anybody know this proble. i've still opened it and


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Robert Bean

Re: HP Streamer DDS, tape does not exit

Below are some suggestions for resetting the firmware and force eject the tape:

Press and hold the eject/unload button for 30 seconds.

Press the eject/unload button 3 times, for 2 seconds each time.

Power off the tape drive (external) or computer (internal). Wait about 30 seconds, then power back on holding in the eject button for the entire power up sequence.

For external drives:

Power off the tape drive.

Unplug the tape drive from its power source (wall/ups).

Then turn the tape drive on, with the power cord unplugged.

Plug the tape drive back in.

You may also want to Install and run HP Library and Tape Tools. This is a diagnostic software which will test the hardware of your tape drive. You can also use this software to upgrade the drives' firmware. This is available from our website at:

Test the functionality of the tape drive, and update the firmware if needed.