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HP Superstore dat 40 tape drive questions - 2022


HP Superstore dat 40 tape drive questions - 2022

Hello, My name is Luca and I have just recieved some Hp superstore dat40 tape drives with the SCSI interface.

my main question is about tape compatability...does anyone know if I am able to use dat 72 tapes in the drive, looking at the technical specs it seems to me that the shells seem to be similar... I can also buy the tapes for far cheaper lowering the cost of my backups. also, does anyone know a reliable source to get the tapes cheaply, I am ok if it is seccond hand as the main purpouse is for offsite cold backups that will be left at a friends house therefor I am not so much concerened about data integrity...

I also have one dds3 tape that I can insert into a drive and it will make a horible screatching sound as a small motor whirs away in the back. I believe this motor controlles the movement of the tape while data is bieng written or read... this issue is present on both my drives and it seems like there is no broken gears so is this normal?

I have not purchased a scsi card as of yet to connect it to a spare server for testing before installing on the main server. is there a spesific type of card I need to beable to handle higher speeds or is any old ebay find acceptable. also, do you reccomend me daisychaining them, it seems the most cost effective so me instaid of buying two scsi adapters...

Thak you so much for helping

Luca Buccellato

EDIT: it seems that the loud motor is involved with loading/unloading the tape. RE on the scsi card, the hp superstore dat 40 has a 68 pin screw type connector, is this adaptable to other formats without a big speed loss, it seems that a 68 pin card can cost anywhate from aprox 50 to 100 usd which is slightly more than I am able to spend through my buesness at the moment...

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Re: Query: HP Superstore dat 40 tape drive compatability with DDS3 AND DDS5 cartridges

Im wondering why you want to use such old tape drives, there nothing but a ballache to be honest.